Evaluation Tools for Textbook Selection

“TargetCOMPARE has empowered our teachers to make educated decisions for textbook selection. It really has simplified the entire process and has given us an additional, unbiased method for choosing our textbooks in the future.”

Thelma Melendez de Santa Ana
Former Deputy Superintendent of Instruction
Pomona Unified School District










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Are you undergoing a textbook adoption? We can help.

What is TargetCOMPARE?
  • It’s a deep analysis of two or more textbooks to provide a district with the tools needed to determine which texts will fulfill their targeted needs
  • Provides customized reports using specific standards
  • Each report includes rubrics and sample worksheets for your team to complete during the text selection process

TargetCOMPARE establishes a firm foundation for textbook selection:
  • Empowers faculty to make informed choices
  • Increases teacher buy-in
  • Delivers independent 3rd party appraisal
  • Provides a uniform methodology for textbook evaluation