Are You Aligned and Ready?

“We are so thankful for our partnership with ENI. With assistance in aligning curriculum, setting up processes, coaching of teachers, and assessment, we have been able to make incredible gains in student achievement and teacher growth. We look forward to continuing our work with ENI.”

Michelle Lesser
Former Principal
Clifton Elementary School



























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What is TargetALIGN?

ENI specializes in alignment. We analyze your existing resources to identify any instructional gaps, so you will know exactly where students need additional support to master standards and become college and career ready.

Major Textbook Publisher
2013 Common Core Teacher’s Edition
Correlated to:
Common Core Standards 2010


Textbook Analysis Reporting
ENI in-depth alignment analysis components:
  • Concept compatibility for ALL skill components of each standard
  • Quality and quantity of direct instruction that meets demands of CCSS rigor
  • Ample guided and independent student practice for each standards’ skills
  • Depth of coverage for ALL skill components of each



Evidence of the effectiveness of ENI’s process can be found in the report ‘Review of School Improvement Consulting Expenditures and Results’ issued February 7, 2012 by the Arkansas Bureau of Legislative Research. The study evaluated school improvement providers which had provided services to Arkansas schools. It also provides objective analysis on the results those providers are achieving in their client schools.

The table below, excerpted from the report, indicates their findings.

Review of School Improvement Consulting Expenditures and Results


Literacy: Average 5 Year Gains in Vendor Schools

Evans Newton


AR Leadership Academy School Support






Multiple Providers


America’s Choice


No Services


“There are two ways to look at these results. First, the values can be “eyeballed” as raw averages. Viewed this way, Evans Newton, the Arkansas Leadership Academy’s School Support Program and E2E substantially outperformed other (sometimes more expensive) providers. …We found the results of JBHM, E2E and Evans Newton were superior to the control group. There was no statistically significant difference between the other providers’ results and the control group…”