State Standards to CCSS

5-Steps to Achieving District and School Goals

Get an overview of Evans Newton’s 5-Step Transformation Process and how it applies to your school making the transition from state standards to CCSS. In this valuable session you’ll learn Evans Newton’s proven curriculum alignment processes, theories and best practices in which you’ll come away with a new understanding, new techniques and an awareness of roles, expectations and next steps.

Introduction & Uses of Classroom Formative AssessmentsTM

Make Big Strides in Student Achievement

Increase your understanding of formative assessments and their importance to student achievement. This hands-on session will help you improve your classroom instruction, develop appropriate tools and techniques for continual student assessment and learn how to monitor and adjust based on student need.

Dynamic Instructional MappingTM

Document Your District’s Intended Curriculum and Sequence

This customized and highly collaborative interactive session is fundamental to your district seeing the big picture and achieving your stated goals. By documenting and analyzing the district’s intended curriculum and the sequencing of that curriculum, you will gain a full understanding of what you expect teachers to teach and when.

Fill In the Gaps ProcessTM

Cultivate Successful Instructional Leadership Behaviors in Your School

Fill In the Gaps Process gives everyone involved in instruction the opportunity to gain laser-focused answers to key instructional objectives, issues and outcomes. To ensure every student is being taught, there has to be a complete curriculum and the Fill in the Gaps Process is your answer to the district’s process.

Post Assessment Debriefing for Elementary and Middle SchoolsTM

Maximize K-8 Student Achievement Data

You’ve performed one or more of the EN-TRUST Series assessments, or maybe you already have student achievement data in hand. Now it’s time to act on it so your students continue to progress. In this session you’ll acquire important skills you need to review student achievement data and adjust your teaching to maximize student learning.

Post Assessment Debriefing for High SchoolsTM

Maximize High School Student Achievement Data

This course gives you the critical skills you need to review student achievement data and adjust your teaching to maximize student learning. It’s also designed to support you as you monitor data on student absences, course failures, grade point averages and credit attainment by semester.

Standards Study ITM

How to Implement the Standards-Based 5-Step Process

Any school or district intent on implementing the standards-based 5-step process for school transformation cannot afford to miss this session. It is critical to your success because it provides a deep understanding of standards-based instruction: What it looks like and how it should be implemented.

Standards Study IITM

Real In-School Application of Standards-Based 5-Step Process

A continuation of Standards Study I, Standards Study II is designed to be deeply embedded into the work of your school during the in-classroom prescriptive coaching phase of the process. After review of the Standards Study I’s Post Assessment Debriefing, we’ll act on the findings during teacher planning periods, grade and departmental meetings and professional learning communities. You’ll become an expert at standards-based instruction and at continually assessing student progress according to standard.

Lesson Design ITM

Effective Lesson Design & Student Engagement

Effective lesson design is about more than conveying the subject matter. Effective means productively engaging and motivating students in the learning process.

Lesson Design IITM

Effective Lesson Design & Student Engagement

This session builds on Lesson Design I and takes place during teacher planning periods, grade and department meetings and professional learning communities. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the rigor required to teach to the CCSS standards and how to make content relevant for students. You’ll be able to create lessons that include an active mix of activities that will keep students engaged and encouraged.

Sample Assessments & BenchmarkingTM

Get Your Projects Off to a Great Start

Gain understanding and learn how to effectively use your existing testing tools including the State Assessment Release items to augment your formative assessments. You already have an abundance of materials that may be perfect and save you unnecessary time and expense. The key is understanding how to use what you already have in terms of state and district curriculum standards and specified sequencing.

Differentiated InstructionTM

Collaboratively Construct and Apply Your Own Instructional Working Model

Work as a team, collaborate and develop your own working instructional model that teaches the right skills for the right students. Teachers, coaches and administrators will embrace the model because they all had a hand in creating it. You’ll work through challenges and develop strategies for differentiation of instruction as well as provide the necessary information everyone needs to evaluate change and its impact.