Prescriptive CoachingTM

Coaching to Help You Achieve Your District or School Goals

Unique, proven and in high demand, Evans Newton’s Prescriptive Coaching has a capacity-building element built right in. Leaders, principals, coaches and teachers learn and apply almost simultaneously allowing them to work together from the start to create sustainable change.

Developing Instructional LeadersTM

Strategies for Informed Site Leadership

Learn the proven and mandatory strategies for informed leadership in your schools—the kind of leadership that drives significant improvement in student achievement. Using the acclaimed Evans Newton Manual for School Transformation and Turnaround you’ll learn, master and perform the first five Leadership Modules that have been proven across the country to affect positive change in schools. It’s also an important pathway toward sustainable change for your schools.

Performance Based Leadership

Cultivate Successful Leadership Behaviors in Your School

Discover a clear and proven pathway for cultivating effective leaders in your school. This five-course module leads to the completion of a hands-on transformation project that applies your learning along with the knowledge and experience to cultivate more leaders within your school so you can enjoy lasting change.

Executive Leadership Development & SupportTM

Leadership Excellence Begins at the Top

School transformation takes strong executive-level leaders, and this program is designed to foster strong leadership behaviors among the district executives. Executives who are truly modeling leadership become role models and can have a positive impact well beyond their immediate offices; in fact, they can be catalysts for systemic school transformation district wide.

(High schools working with Evans Newton are required to participate in Executive Leadership Development & Support. Any school receiving School Improvement Grant funding must also participate.)


Transfer Knowledge for Sustainable Change

Sustainable transformation. That’s the goal. But it can only happen through knowledge transfer. Evans Newton believes in sharing our knowledge and our methods so schools can become autonomously successful. That’s why Coach2Coach is so important. It is our process of transferring what we know and how we do it to your leaders. They in turn share their knowledge with the teachers they coach and soon, the entire culture is on the transformation path.