Forty years. A trusted partner in American education.

Evans Newton since 1973.

In 1973 a former schoolteacher and principal saw an opportunity to do something more for education. He and a partner started Evans Newton and grew it to a sizable company that specialized in education software. But it wasn’t until Jamie Piotti took over the company that the Evans Newton we know today was born. Jamie started as an account representative and traveled across America visiting many of the most underserved schools. That’s when the mission for Evans Newton became one with her DNA. She found herself asking, “How can you see these kids, the learning environment…their eyes, and not want to do more?”

“How can you see these kids, the learning environment…their eyes, and not want to do more?”
~ Jamie Piotti, CEO

And more she did. She went to work with a vengeance setting the tone and culture of the young company she soon would lead. That laid the groundwork for others who joined the company and believed as Jamie did, that American education was ripe for change, and indeed, in the midst of it. They believed the need was great and that the work, although tough, was a prerequisite of lasting change.

The company developed and expanded its products to meet the needs of evolving school achievement requirements and built working in the schools—shoulder-to-shoulder with teachers—into everything they do. While other companies were simply selling schools more materials they often didn’t need, Evans Newton became known for rolling up their sleeves, working in the trenches, showing up when and where others wouldn’t and sticking it out to the end. Results to Evans Newton were and are not optional. Too much is at stake.

Today, Evans Newton is in the schools with one vision in mind: To help all educators in their quest of enduring trust in American education. And they are doing it one school, one teacher at a time.

Evans Newton’s track record of elevating—in many cases more than doubling—learning, achievement and test scores is impressive. But what is more impressive is the company’s commitment to sustainable change within schools. From the very beginning, Evans Newton's top priority is to fully prepare teachers and administrators, leaders and coaches, even parents to carry the school transformation banner and keep going. It’s about the educators’ and parents’ success as much as it is about the kids’ success. Evans Newton is the one company that from the start recognized that transformation is more than a product business. It’s first and foremost a people business. And some things never change.