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Evans Newton Digital is an iPad-based delivery system for our curriculum product series. You asked for a portable digital system and now it’s here. With a single touch you can find what you need when you need it. And ready to be used with your interactive whiteboard.

Evans Newton Digital is organized by content area, grade, and product. Find all your mathematics and English Language Arts classroom resources with a quick touch:

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Your Own Professional Learning Community

Evans Newton is your partner in school transformation, so when we say you’re never alone, we mean it. TargetPLC is your own professional learning community that features an extensive array of tools for communication and collaboration related to your school transformation project. Continuous learning opportunities are available through updated resources, research, webinars, blogs and videos.

I TargetTeach X Management Software System

System Software for Managing Formative Assessments

Successful school transformation requires quality information and that means one thing: excellent management systems. I TargetTeach X Management Software System can be customized to meet your needs. This means aligning with district and state curriculum standards. Its easy to use interface automatically scores and reports on formative assessments.