Complete Instructional Resources to Support the Learning Progression of Common Core

commoncoreNOW offers thousands of hours of teacher led CCSS instructional resources, with complimenting skill reinforcing practice sheets. Powerful and flexible, commoncoreNOW K–12 ELA and Math performance task lessons teach and reinforce standards and skills, supplemental resources model the Standards for Mathematical Practice and embed literacy across the curriculum, and performance assessments test for mastery and inform instruction.

commoncoreNOW Benefits:
  • Over 1,000 hours of ready-now, real-world focused lessons that emphasize student-driven exploration, individual and group practice, and collaboration
  • Modeling strategies of CCSS pedagogy
  • Coverage for existing curriculum gaps
  • Targeted CCSS skills instruction and reinforcement
  • Embedded performance task and formative assessment

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  develop 21st Century skills     prepare students for
    explore exemplars that
    through Math and ELA       multi-day performance       model Standards for
    performance lessons       assessments       Mathematical Practice
  integrate literacy     reach all students in
    use customizable maps to
    connections in Math,       multi-level lessons in       align resources and
    Science and Social Studies       Math and ELA       materials to Common Core

CCSS is all about performance.

TaskPERFORM™ tasks & TASKassessment™ performance assessments exemplify how teachers and instructional leaders may create performance-based instruction and assessment. We model real-world scenarios to frame one or more of the unit’s CCSS standards and to take students to Depth of Knowledge level 4.

Effective instructional techniques develop necessary skills.

TargetSTRATEGIES® activities provide on-grade-level modeling, guided practice, and independent practice for the unit’s essential and supporting standards.

Mastering skills builds confidence.

TargetFUNDAMENTALS® interventions review prerequisite skills for those students who need extra help to access the unit’s essential and supporting standards.

Participation from home improves learning.

PALpackets® school-to-home connections get parents and caregivers involved in their children’s learning. Each packet includes skill-based activities that align to the unit’s essential skills and supporting standards. We redefine “homework” as adults and children participating together for more and better learning.

Each unit may be resequenced to match your district’s curriculum or pacing.