Unwavering. Hardworking. We won’t back down.

Evans Newton is a company of educators who are doing the tough work of school transformation. Shoulder-to-shoulder, with teachers and administrators in schools across America, Evans Newton’s focus is enduring trust in the American education system. Our world is growing ever more competitive, and through our products and services we are arming schools with the tools and professional development they need to prepare and graduate a nation of young people who will excel in life and in our global economy. Education needs to change. And Evans Newton is leading that change by doing the hard work no one else will do and by showing up when and where others won’t. The result is lasting school transformation and students who do more than just pass tests; the result is students who are prepared for life.

People working together, with a higher purpose.

The Evans Newton Vision

It’s very simple, and it is quite direct. Our vision, the reason we do what we do, is that every school, every student, teacher, principal, leader and administrator can do the work of enduring trust in American education better than ever before. We do that by working together and taking on the tough challenge of school transformation so that the opportunity for achievement is an opportunity for all.

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